Alisa Camplin OAM

Alisa Camplin OAM

Australia’s first female Winter Olympic Gold Medallist, Alisa Camplin, possesses that rare story telling ability that inspires, entertains and transfers knowledge. Tens of thousands of people have been motivated, laughed and cried, and walked away with a toolkit of skills to create their own success after listening to Australia’s premier female speaker. Learning to ski at just 19 years of age, Alisa broke nearly every bone in her body as she climbed through the ranks, brought home back-to-back Olympic medals and dominated the sport of Freestyle Aerial Skiing. At the same time, Alisa built a global career with corporate giant IBM, leading $200M+ businesses as a senior executive working across brand strategy, sales, business development and service delivery. Proving that success is a choice, Alisa then turned heart-wrenching personal adversity into an opportunity to improve the lives of others, raising more than $1M through her charity Finnan’s Gift.  Now leading from the boardroom, Alisa is fresh, honest and deliberate in her pursuits, combining business fundamentals with an authentic resilient attitude in order to succeed. Alisa was appointed Deputy Chair of the Australian Sports Commission in 2017. As real as they come, Alisa Camplin is nothing short of amazing!

Key Points

  • Australia's first female Winter Olympic gold medallist, Alisa Camplin, famously landed a spectacular triple twisting double somersault at the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics just six weeks after breaking her ankles.
  • Using her renowned mental toughness, Alisa overcame unparalleled expectations, personal doubts and the pressure of repeat success to take Olympic Bronze at the Turin 2006 Winter Olympics, just four months after her second major knee reconstruction.
  • Alisa has won two Olympic Medals, a World Championships Title, two back-to-back World Cup Grand Prix Championships and 19 World Cup Podium finishes, all while maintaining an international professional career with IBM.
  • Alisa has an in-depth understanding of the IT Industry having overseen every major aspect of the end-to-end IT services model.  She set the strategy and directed transformations for an $800M global IT services business and led $200M+ businesses to year on year growth in mature or declining markets.
  • Alisa sits on the Board and Audit Committees of many high profile organisations, including the Australian Sports Commission, the Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation, the Collingwood Football Club and Olympic Winter Institute of Australia. She was Chair of the Australian Sports Foundation and is co-founder of the charity Finnan’s Gift.
  • In addition to being the Australian Olympic Committee's Chef de Mission for the 2012 and 2016 Winter Youth Olympic Games teams, Alisa co-hosted the Ten Network’s prime-time coverage of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games.
  • Alisa was appointed Deputy Chair of the Australian Sports Commission in 2017


While training to become an Olympic aerial skier, Alisa Camplin completed a Bachelor of Information Technology degree and began her international career as a senior executive with IBM. Twenty years later, Camplin is a unique and contemporary leader, juggling a dynamic portfolio of sport, business consultancy and governance roles.

Ascending quickly through the ranks in both sport and business, Camplin famously drew upon business fundamentals to meticulously plan and prepare an Olympic campaign like no other. Using external mentors and tracking progress against challenging targets, Camplin defied the naysayers to build the right team, hold herself personally accountable and pushed through the physical, mental and emotional setbacks until success was achieved. Winning for the first time at the 2002 SLC Winter Olympic Games, Camplin then set about surviving success to create sustainable repeat success. As the two-time World Cup Grand Prix Winner, World Champion and World Record holder, Alisa Camplin then returned from two back-to- back knee reconstructions to deliver a remarkable Bronze medal at the 2006 Torino Olympics. Breaking nearly every bone in her body along the way, Alisa Camplin proves that mental strength, attitude and self-belief are intrinsic to success.

Upon retirement, Alisa Camplin returned to the corporate world, where her highly successful global career with IBM spanned 16 years. She held a number of senior executive positions in different geographies, covering business leadership, brand strategy, sales, business development and service delivery. Known for her resilient, positive, outcome orientated approach to business, Camplin is now a resilience and high performance consultant working with elite individuals, teams and organisations across various industries.

As the Performance Manager for Australia's 2018 Olympic Winter Games Team, Alisa Camplin is consistently focused on achieving outcomes with elite individuals in high performance areas. Camplin is also the Deputy Chair of the Australian Sports Commission, a Non-Executive Director of the Winter Olympic Institute of Australia, and she led great change in the Australian Sports Philanthropy sector as the former Chair of the Australian Sports Foundation. She is the THINK Well Ambassador for AIA Insurance’s Vitality Program and she has just been named as the Collingwood Football Clubs first ever Patron of Women's Sport.

In 2011, after losing her first child to Congenital Heart Disease, Camplin turned adversity into opportunity and established the charity Finnan’s Gift, raising over $2M for the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, where she is now also a Company Director.

Awarded an Order of Australia medal in 2007, Alisa Camplin is demanded as a keynote speaker by multi-billion dollar companies and small organizations alike. Eloquent, passionate, and always professional, Alisa Camplin has so much to share and must be heard.

Presentation Topics
  • Where to, what's next... It's your choice!
  • Preparation for success - Are you working hard enough when nobody else is watching?
  • Surviving success to create sustainable repeat success
  • Managing speed bumps, jumping hurdles and overcoming adversity
  • Creating physical, mental and emotional resilience
  • The quest for excellence and accepting accountability for personal growth
  • Authentic motivation - Finding your personal WHY
  • Needing, building and motivating the right team
  • Skills, tips and tools you can use in your own life, team and workforce

Very interactive with the delegates, very easy to work with. Very professional.
Veritas Events

Amazing story and very inspirational.
Brown and Watson International

Alisa was extremely engaging and has an incredible story to tell that is both inspirational and very moving.
Property Exchange Australia Limited

Alisa was the highlight of our event and lived up to all expectations. Utterly professional, very real and completely powerful. Could not have wanted more from a keynote speaker. 
Up Loans

Alisa had the audience out of their seats – literally! They were captivated and walked away feeling inspired!
ISS Cleaning and Hygiene Expo

Alisa was fantastic, we had about 80 people attend the event and everyone that attended cannot stop talking about it. Nothing but positive comments from all those that attended.

Alisa is a truly amazing individual. She is incredibly engaging and the audience were glued to her every word. She leave you feeling inspired and motivated to achieve more in all aspects of your life, be that business, career, sporting or personal life. Further than just inspiring people she clearly outlines how to achieve success 10/10.
Gilgandra Shire Council

Alisa was the most impressive speaker I have ever engaged at an event. She left the audience in tears and received a standing ovation. Alisa keeps everyone’s interest with her fascinating stories but also her business-like attitude to achieving success appealed to our guests. Alisa shared her journey in a beautifully eloquent manner and left the audience talking about her presentation for days after. Thank you Alisa
Belle Property

One word – exceptional!!
I was unable to attend the event however feedback from those that did listen to Alisa speak was overwhelmingly positive. I have been told that the key messages where inspiring and thought provoking. Several comments included “Alisa’s warm bright smile captivating the audience – with stories that tore at the heart strings, made people laugh, gasp at the injury count, and walk away feeling completely in awe and inspired by such a genuine down to earth, hardworking individual.
Everyone I have spoken to took something very special away from Alisa’s amazing story and mantra about “someone’s going to win and making the decision to be the winner”.
Alisa -Thank you for all that you say, do and who you are! It makes us all stand a little taller when listening to someone who worked hard, focused on a gaol and achieved the dream - success!
Brilliant, keynote speaker!
Corina Campbell

Alisa is a truly wonderful and inspiring lady. Many people at the session have said that Alisa is the best inspirational speaker that they have ever heard. Alisa was engaging from the minute she stepped onto the stage and had the audience mesmerised the whole time.
Belinda Roof
National Australia Bank

I really just wanted to say thank you to you Alisa for a really inspiring speech on Friday at the REIWA conference. I took a lot away from the conference but I'm glad you finished the day off. You made my day! You reminded me that although I'm a mum, I'm not just a mum and I can still chase my dreams whilst encouraging the dreams of my boys! My heart broke when you told us about Finnan and I cried when I saw your Salt Lake City clip. What an inspiration! Your achievements were amazing and you are still bouncing about full of energy ready for the next adventure and next chapter. I loved your honesty, openness and down to earth but positive attitude to life. I've already started working on a few goal pyramids of my own. Thanks for giving me a great new angle on life. And reminding me that we all have peaks and troughs but it's how we deal with them that makes us stronger.
Marleen Cleary
Professionals Rockingham WA

I just wanted to pass on “endless thank yous” to Alisa for her amazing presentation last night - I’ve already received so much positive feedback from the alumni team and managers, ECU’s Vice-Chancellor and our alumni. For me personally, her story was truly inspirational. Alisa was so friendly and easy going and made the whole night such a breeze. We are all so happy with how the night turned out. Thanks to both of your hard work helping us pull this event together.
Caris Hayes
Corporate Events Coordinator
Marketing and Communications Services Centre
Edith Cowan University

I just wanted to say thank you so much to Alisa! Her talk was one of the most inspirational presentations I have ever heard as a leader, and the feedback from consultants and Team Leaders in my business have mirrored these thoughts. Not only is she a great storyteller, her words, advice and learnings touched everyone in the room, on both a business and personal level. Not only was she engaging, fun and held the audience, she also left everyone with something to reflect on and sound actions which they can implement in their day to day lives.What a story and what an amazing, strong woman - thank you!
Jess Anscombe
Flight Centre Travel Group

Alisa was incredible, engaging and the talk of the event. She inspired a group of leaders and guests who couldn’t stop praising her ideals, passion and ability to succeed. Her story touched everyone’s hearts and made for the perfect keynote for a lifestyle event that was designed to inspire and offer take home tools for a better life. A huge thank you for sharing your story with us, #LifeWiseMe Melbourne wouldn’t have been the same without you!
Pauline Boyd
Mannatech Australia

There was not a dry eye in the house – very inspirational speech – very well received by all that attended. Alisa was a delight to deal with leading up to and on the day of the event.
Rebecca Wills
Walker Corporation

One word - AMAZING! Alisa’s ability to overcome adversity, physical, mental and emotional challenges really left the audience inspired, motivated and ready to lead! The breadth of the presentation was phenomenal. She was able to share and freely talk through extremely personal stories in a professional manner which made a huge impact on the audience. Alisa was able to share her sporting accomplishments and relate her learning's and the tools she used during this time to the corporate working environment. She brought fantastic personality and authenticity to the presentation which helped keep the audience connected and sitting on the edge of their seats!
Rebecca Allen
Coles Limited

Thank you so much for speaking at our event last week. You were such a success and you made a wonderful impact on everyone present - young, old, female and male. Some of the thoughts that have been passed to me, from employees who were present, include: inspired choice, clear message on the importance of setting goals, having a sound strategy and self belief and the dedication and will to achieve your goals. It was also commented upon that even though you were speaking about sport, it translated to the business world and gave excellent tips on what each of us can do to achieve greater personal and company goals.
Janelle Mattila
ARA Group

She was outstanding – had everyone engaged. Two standing ovations.
Kathryn Creech
Harcourts International

Alisa was a delight to work with; she was professional and eager to fulfill our brief and has an incredible story to tell. I would gladly recommend her for future events.
Kate Power

Alisa was outstanding and her message was in tune with our theme "The Winning Edge". Alsia's presentation received rave reviews from our delegates with many saying she was the best ever speaker at a Unigas Conference. She rated 5+ out of 5 on delegate feedback forms.
Tim Donoghue

The ‘real life’ story from Alisa is both inspirational and compelling by nature. The true grit, determination to succeed, personal sacrifice and humanity of her journey were delivered with humour, pathos, and a conviction that resonated deeply with our audience. If the tears and laughter were any indication of how successful her delivery was, then the I guess the long line of those wanting to meet her personally was not surprising. Alisa ticked every box on our wish list for this important event.
Peter Crowe

"I just wanted to say that your presentation this morning was amazing. I felt like we all went on a rollercoaster journey of emotions with you - from the lows of being injured through to the ecstatic highs of winning your medals – and then through to the most incredibly honest and heartfelt account of your time with your beautiful son. I go to a lot of these breakfasts and can honestly say that I have never been in a room full of people who would normally answer phones, check messages or get up during the presentations, who sat completely still and captivated by your every word. There was certainly not a dry eye at my table by the time you had finished and I have no doubt this was shared across the rest of the room. Anyway, I just wanted to congratulate you on such a captivating and entertaining presentation – and for having the courage to share your amazing stories with us all."
"I haven’t enjoyed a breakfast talk so much for such a long long time. It was refreshing to have someone like you up there, being real and so passionate. Your ability to engage with people is amazing! I think what you have done for the RCH via Finnan’s gift is just another amazing and inspiring way you have contributed to the community."
Client feedback from the Robert Half Business Breakfast Roadshow

Alisa delivered a very well prepared presentation to the AFL industry about how to achieve the most out of your sport whilst keeping yourself busy, and building skills to transition into life after sport. Alisa' story of advancing her professional career whilst winning Olympic Gold was truly inspirational. Highly recommended!

When I took a punt so many months ago to secure Alisa Camplin-Warner as our guest speaker, I could not have anticipated the reaction and feedback in having her at the PANDA event. Alisa brought inspiration, warmth, class and humour in a wonderful interview with Matt Tilley. Her candidness about her experiences and challenges were heart-warming and we are so thrilled that she agreed to support our event!
Anna Christofidis
Post & Antenatal Depression Association

In Alisa's presentation she states that she can't sum herself up in 7 seconds but I think I can do it in just 1... 'WOW!' Alisa's presentation was incredible, inspirational, heart-warming and heart-breaking all at the same time. The discipline and commitment she demonstrated with her training to reach her ultimate goal and own her outcomes was unbelievable; and the humility she showed when sharing her success and a very personal journey left our guests overwhelmed. Thank you Alisa!
Kate Rogers

Alisa was wonderful to work with from the start to the finish. She showed a genuine interest in what we were trying to achieve and tailored her address to suit the audience. Listening to Alisa speak touches the heart, inspires, motivates and gives real insight into what it takes to be the best - which was applicable to a range of life experiences. 
Gareth Hockings
Department of Education NSW

“Alisa is awe inspiring, a professional”
“one of the best speakers I’ve ever seen”
“very motivating, excellent”
“Alisa was truly memorable”
“amazing choice of speaker”
“by far, best I've seen at a conference - very relevant content/message”
Macquarie Telecom Conference - Staff Responses

Alisa’s keynote took our event from good to great, and from great to memorable - people are still talking about her.
BT Financial Group

Just a short note to thank you for your inspirational, motivational and practical approach for being excellent. The team at Unitywater thoroughly enjoyed your presentation evident by the feedback I have received over the last few days. The authentic nature of your presentation where you talked about your personal challenges in life made a huge impact on everyone. Thank you for your time, answering all our questions and genuinely taking an interest in our journey. 
George Theo

Alisa was a great presenter and really resonated with this group. She is an entertaining, motivating and inspiring speaker and this is evident in the feedback. 
Jason Kerr

Alisa was a hit with our attendees and really brought the objective of the event to life through her story. She was relatable yet aspirational and has a fantastic presence.
Jodie Boyd
National Australia Bank

Second time I have seen her and she is fabulous. A pint size package of POWER!
Michelle Aubert
Coffs Harbour City Council

Fabulous speaker!
Karen Barker
Transitional Executive

First rate. Extremely well received by the team. Skilled presenter.
Mark Thomson
Servier Laboratories

Alisa was a brilliant keynote speaker. She captivated audiences and really took the whole audience on her journey.
Elissa Campbell

Alisa was fantastic! She brought great energy and enthusiasm to the My Career Fair as the opening speaker of our event. Alisa’s story and messages left people highly motivated and engaged to focus on their careers. I keep receiving unsolicited feedback from those in attendance saying how awesome Alisa was and how glad they were to be able to hear from someone so inspiring.
Chris Pedic

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