Peter Sharp

Peter Sharp

Peter Sharp is genuinely gifted at spreading the ‘power of positive’. His happiness experiments have gone viral receiving more than 100 million views, illustrating how small changes can make a difference. At TEDx Peter used his special brand of persuasion to inspire a dancing ovation; He has instigated global flash mobs, spontaneous dance parties on trains, eye contact social art projects and more via his global network - The Liberators International. Peter can inspire any audience through his charming anecdotes about trust and the value of human connection.

Key Points

  • In excess of 100 million views of his social art from all over the world
  • Engaging presenter at TEDx Perth, receiving a joyful dancing ovation
  • Huffington Post, The Daily Mail, Buzzfeed, BBC Trending, Yahoo and more are all talking about Peter and his inspiring work
  • Hitch-hiked 1500km's solo from Barcelona to Croatia in a business suit friending strangers


Peter Sharp has many titles to his name, he’s a World Peace Leader, Viral Media Specialist and Altruistic Explorer who strives to unlock humanity’s hidden potential. Perter has been at the forefront of organising collaborative global flashmob events that involve the world inspiring acts of unity.

Peter has produced viral videos of the global happenings that have been viewed over 100 million times. He recently presented at TEDx Perth, where he received a ‘dancing’ ovation.

Fiercely optimistic, Peter combines his heart-warming life stories with explosive insight that is relevant to all businesses and inspires authentic trust and human connection to flourish in the workplace. Peter is a strong believer of the power of altering one’s perspective and becoming the change they wish to see.

After living and working in The Netherlands and Spain he decided to hitch-hike 1500km’s solo in a business suit from Barcelona to Croatia, during his journey into the unknown, Peter uncovered the life changing benefits of being true to himself and his core values. He came back feeling more capable than ever and went on to start two social movements for peace that have both inspired global change and is currently touring the world performing team building activities and public speaking engagements.

Pete’s an inspiring powerhouse of game-changing creative thought, certain to shake up and wake up any speaking event.

Presentation Topics
  • Stepping outside your comfort zone
  • The power of human connection
  • Daring to be vulnerable
  • Self acceptance in a modern world
  • 5 secrets to going viral

Loved, Loved, Loved Peter and what he brought to the room!

Peter was great to work with. He has a great energy and had the audience captivated with his talk.
CPA Australia

Engaged and inspired our students.
Jennifer Nobbs
Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School

Peter is an inspiring leader and compelling storyteller with a magnetic and engaging personality. He leads movements that connect people to their shared humanity. At TEDxPerth, his message of human connection moved the audience to both tears and laughter. His performance transformed attendees into participants and the event into an impromptu dance party. Peter promotes social harmony by erasing the barriers that separate us - he acts as a catalyst for people to connect meaningfully with one another. He is an excellent choice where strong community organising skills are required, or where inspiring action, recognising our shared humanity or disrupting social convention are themes.
Joel Miller
TEDx Perth

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