Steven Bradbury OAM

Steven Bradbury OAM

Olympic Champion, Champion Speaker and genuine onstage Motivator and Entertainer is a unique skill set. Transitioning from being an expert speed skater to an expert motivational, OH &S, Risk Management, Teamwork speaker, Comedian and MC and after dinner entertainer has been an interesting ride over the last 12 years.  His story is being made into a film, Bradbury, which will be released in 2020. He is also the founder of LSM (Last Man Standing) Aussie Lager. Steven Bradbury OAM has presented at over 1000 conferences and events in 19 countries and still loves it. He loves the adrenalin before going onstage and loves that his strategies for success in business and in life are able to inspire and help people. 

Key Points

  • Southern Hemisphere’s first Winter Olympic Gold Medallist and four time Olympian.
  • Director Olympic Winter Institute of Australia (OWI) since 2002
  • Order of Australia Medal (OAM) for services in Australian Sport.
  • Steven trained five hours a day, six days a week for 15 years to suddenly become an overnight success. His story leading up to the gold medal is not widely known and Steven is amazing at telling it.
  • ‘Doing a Bradbury’ is officially in the Macquarie Dictionary. Steven’s success strategy can help teach your team how to put themselves in position to be the next to ‘do a Bradbury’.
  • Will appear in the 2019 Australian Survivor on Network 10.
  • Bradbury, the film based on Steven's Olympic story will be released in 2020.
  • Founder of LMS (Last Man Standing) Aussie Lager


Steven Bradbury OAM has been dubbed the 'Luckiest' Olympic Gold Medallist but luck is when preparation meets opportunity. He won hearts worldwide for his spectacular win at the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. He is a 4 time Olympian and the Southern Hemisphere's 1st Winter Olympic Gold Medalist. He is Australia's 1st Winter Olympic Medalist winning Bronze for the 5000m Relay in Lillehammer. Steven received The Don Award for Australia’s best sporting performance in 2002 and an Order of Australia Medal (OAM) for services to Australian Sport. His story is now being made into a film, Bradbury, to be released in 2020.

Steven has hosted and commentated at the 2006, 2010 and 2014 Winter Olympic Games Australian TV coverage and has been the Director Olympic Winter Institute of Australia (OWI) since 2002.

The saying 'Doing A Bradbury' was officially included in the Macquarie Dictionary in 2014.  Learn how to put yourself in a position to be the next to 'Do A Bradbury”, how to come from behind and be ready to seize opportunity. Steven trained five hours a day, six days a week for 15 years to suddenly become an overnight success. His story leading up to the gold medal is not widely known and Steven is amazing at telling it.

Steve will appear in Network Ten's highly successful Australian Survivor 2019, airing late July to late October.

Steven talks about business success and strategy learned through his own custom speed skate and cycling shoe company RBC which exported to 22 countries and won a swag of Olympic Medals before the company was sold in 2012. He is also the founder of LMS (Last Man Standing) Aussie Lager which is currently in production.

Steven's presentations are fully interactive shows including motivation, videos, music, comedy and audience participation. You will actually hold, and have your photo taken wearing Steve’s Olympic Gold Medal. He shares how he broke his neck, lost 4 litres of blood on the ice and trained 5hrs a day, 6 days a week for 12 years to become an overnight success.

As well as being entertained and inspired Steven's keynote ensures you will leave with the knowledge that much of the prize is in the journey and success takes Passion, Persistence and Teamwork.

Presentation Topics
  • Goal setting and being your best
  • Passion, persistence and teamwork leads to success
  • Overcoming adversity
  • Business and leadership
  • Motivation and inspiration
  • Event entertainer and motivational humourist
    • Positive Mindset
      Fuelling your body to keep your mind switched ON.  Meaning not showing up for work hungover from the night before or having eaten McDonalds all week.  This puts you and your work mates at greater risk.

      We all have tough days at work but if you tell yourself enough times, today will be a good day, you start to believe it.

      Negativity breeds quickly.  There is no reason to focus on things you can’t control.  Break the negativity cycle by developing 'Triggers' to switch the positivity back ON.  One trigger Steven used during his skating career was a sign on the ceiling that read ‘this is the Olympics get up’.  It's the first thing he saw every morning when his alarm went off at 430am.  He knew if he didn't get up and got beaten at the Olympics that he’d regret it.  What Trigger can you develop to keep your mind switched on to positive?  No Regrets!

    • Teamwork
      The ‘jack of all trades’ doesn't really exist anymore.  You need to become expert at your role and rely on your teammates/workmates to execute their role properly as well.  A team is only as good as its weakest link.

    • Experience and Judgement
      Rules, guidelines and procedures are in place for a reason.  Usually because somebody in the past has cut a corner to save a little bit of time to clock off 15 minutes earlier, resulting in accident, injury or even death.  Most Aussies gain experience and judgement by learning from their mistakes and then getting it right.  The consequences of this attitude in the workplace can be dire.  The best way to get experience and judgement is to listen and learn from those who have been doing what your doing for a lot longer than you (normally your superiors).  Short term gain  =  Long term pain.

    • Steven’s own injuries and recovery process from:
      • A skate blade skewered his thigh.  It cut all 4 quad muscles and 3 veins, causing him to lose 3/4 of his blood in 60 seconds (audience sees the crash video).  Steven could feel his eyes closing, his organs shutting down.  He knew if he lost consciousness he was going to die and that was not an option.  After almost dying on the ice ‘a bad day at the office’ didn’t seem so bad.   This positive mindset allowed Steven to pursue his goals with more passion than before.

      • A broken neck during a training crash and wearing a halo brace screwed into your skull for 2 months (audience sees photos).  During that 2 months Steven had lots of time to think about the ‘Big Picture’.  People often overlook thinking big picture, and in the workplace, this leads to complacency. 

        After he broke his neck everyone around Steven told him that it was time to quit, the doctor told him he would never skate again.  Steven went to another doctor.  The big picture told him that after the halo brace had been removed he had 18 months until the next Olympics.  Before breaking his neck Steven’s had one goal in life – Olympic Gold.  After 3 Olympics campaigns it had not been achieved and was no longer realistic.  This is where Steven’s mindset changed from Outcome to Process.  He longer cared where he finished at the Olympics he would just do everything he and his team knew to the best of his ability every single day for 18 months and see what happened.  In the workplace goals and OHS are achieved by focusing on the process not the outcome.

Steve surprised me with his prior research, humility, hands on approach and diligence to the Linfox Active Recovery project. He speaks well with empathy and humour making the seemingly dull, but necessary topics around safety engaging for all.  As a recently self-insured company Linfox wanted to reduce cost, increase moral, reduce risk and speed up recovery time for injured employees.  Steven nailed this brief and presented approximately 25 times around the country.   Anyone who wants their team to be motivated, entertained and inspired Steve is the man! 
Gorman Enterprises

The feedback from your 3 x 1 hour safety presentations has been fantastic.  I had a conversation with one of the contract staff before your first presentation and suggested that the presentation would be one of the best hours of his life. He just looked at me as though I was mad. I caught up with him after the session and asked him what he thought: He said, not quite the best hour of his life but it was bloody good.  Your presentation style was entirely appropriate for the audience. The impact was enormous and will provide us a base to improve our workplace safety and culture. “Doing a Bradbury” will be the talk of the site for many months.
HSSE Lead, Clyde Project
The Shell Company of Australia Limited

Thanks for an amazing afternoon with the boys during our safety day.  You really drove home the importance of working as a team and following procedure.  I’m confident this will have a positive impact on our company OHS.  Everyone is still on a high and talking about your presentation the next day!
Lend Lease

I have had so many compliments about the day – everything ranging from “Our best lunch ever” to “How do we top that for next year ?”.  It’s not easy coming up with good speakers every year but you nailed it.  A special story with a lot of Australian humour thrown in.  When you sent me your bio and it said you were a comedian I questioned it, but the room was in stitches, the combination was just perfect.
Manly Rugby Union Club

Would not fault Steven in anyway! He will get a lot of referrals from this event. Some attendees had heard him before and commented how he has changed and is still getting better and better. They liked that he did not just talk about the Olympics. His comedy routine at the start was unexpected, funny and fantastic.
ASI Solutions

I worked with Steven Bradbury last week. He really impressed me. Funny, clean, entertaining & motivating!    
Phil Cass, Comedy Magician

From me Steven Bradbury will come highly recommended as a guest speaker as he was both inspirational and hilarious.  What a great guy!  I really enjoyed his talk and I also enjoyed getting to chat to him throughout the evening!  He went above and beyond!   
Electrical Group Training Ltd

Steven was fantastic !  A very inspirational and funny speaker. In my opinion the best speaker I have ever seen.
Blacktown City Council

Your presentation was brilliant!!
You read the audience very well - and from talking to guests later in the evening, they thought it was a highlight of the night!
Your 'Last Man Standing' auction was a great fundraising success for the SA Olympic Council.
Thanks again, you were very funny onstage!!
Brand Architects

Hi Steven, Your presentation was excellent.  I have had so many compliments from our staff.  It resonated perfectly with our conference theme, and best of all it was thoroughly entertaining.
Managing Director
Freyssinet Australia Pty Ltd
Freyssinet New Zealand Ltd

Steven, Everyone was talking about you, the quality of your story and the way you delivered it. Everyone walked away totally inspired! It would be great to stay in touch around future events.
Obrien Glass
Heard Steven 12 years ago whilst living in Sydney. Brought him to Hong Kong to speak to 500 people at a charity dinner. Knew it would be good, but 12 years later it was outstanding. Helped raise HKD2.5m for the charity. Class act. Mix of comedy, motivation and humility. Perfect and many thanks.
Cathay Pacific

Steven, Nothing but positive feedback from all who attended. You were engaging, provided a positive message and pushed the key themes we needed. Absolutely money well spent engaging your services……cannot commend you highly enough. What was a highlight was how approachable you are and how you engaged with all the people at the conference.  Being involved with a lot of conferences and having seen a number of motivational and conference speakers… you are the top of my list. I will defiantly be looking for your engagement at future conferences
Marketing Director

Steven, Your opening keynote presentation at our RWTA Conference was simply amazing.  I have received glowing feedback from everyone.  You were also a pleasure to work with in organization of the event logistics.  Thanks again, I will be recommending you to others in our industry and hope to utilize your services again.
Refrigerated Warehouse and Transport Association

Excellent message delivered to perfection, l could not be happier.
iPi Group of Companies

Steven was the perfect guest speaker to close our Yearly Sales Conference.  I had comments like he was one of the best speakers I’ve seen in a long time.

Steve was a great speaker for our Property Management Conference. Our attendees thoroughly enjoyed his presentation and left feeling energised.

Steven was a huge hit with our franchisees, the feedback was super positive and the messages really aligned with our overall BOQ values and mindset.
Retail Change Manager
Bank of Queensland

I’ve been with Poolwerx for 13 years, your key note was the best I’ve ever seen.  You took us on an amazing ride that had a profound impact on all in the room.  A couple of our 20 year veterans also said it was the best that they’d seen. 
Seeing you helping some of our supplier partners setting up on day 1 was brilliant, and the event was Buzzing for 3 days after your keynote. You set the event up in spectacular fashion. I reckon we’ve got a heap of our people around the country with their “positive turned on” and will have for some time to come – Me included.
Chief Services Officer

We received overwhelming feedback on how aligned your keynote address resonated with our Hotel Managers everyday challenges in leading their businesses. Your personal backstory was engaging, inspiring and motivating, whilst your delivery, humorous and with humility. We will definitely be seeing you at Coles again soon.
General Manager
Spirit Hotels - Coles  

He was received very well. Great story and very funny. 
Kentera Events

“Brilliant.“ His message was powerful and was really well presented!
Simplot Pty. Ltd.

Steven was great to work with. He was very happy to help us with some AV issues to get things up and running. His presentation was outstanding. He got a feel for the audience and made appropriate adjustments to his presentation in consultation with me that worked really well.
ASBA Chair

Steven was able to deliver a message tailored to our current situation which really resonated with our people.
Territory Generation

Exceptional speaker, inspiring, passionate and funny.  A great journey
Yarra Ranges Shire Council

Steven was an excellent presenter and very inspiring – delegate feedback for Steven was excellent.
SA Local Government Financial Management Group 

I recently had Steve speak at one of our events. This was the third time and once again we have had glowing reports from our guests. He is intelligent, witty, entertaining and inspiring. One of the best speakers you can get and he delivers every time. Cant wait to have Steve back again for future events.
Endeavour Foundation

Your contribution the Davey Bickford conference was invaluable and it was great working with you. As the MC you showed great skill tying in the event discussion themes with your own material and kept us laughing and engaged throughout. Your keynote was simply incredible. I've had nothing but glowing feedback about you from everyone who attended.
Sidekick Communications

You were the bomb! Everyone loved it and the feedback was incredible. We had heard how good you were but you absolutely overdelivered. A tremendous day!
Connect Collaborative

I was thrilled in the manner to which the evening went and the feedback we received from all was outstanding. Thought you would like to know that the team unanimously rated you as the best guest presenter / speaker we have experienced in the last 7 years. You have a terrific story that will resonate for a long, long time. Thanks again.
General Manager

Steven was not at all what was expected and after hearing him discuss all the history, challenges, training and other obstacles he overcame the whole story is a very different one. He was the absolute highlight of our meeting and the team are raving about him still. He really put a different perspective/spin on things and many of us had ah-ha moments. 
Amgen Australia Pty. Ltd.

Can I just start by saying how brilliant you were! Such an honour to hear and learn from your story - truly inspiring. Accepting the gold medal for 15 years, not 90 seconds speaks volumes for your maturity and given how hard I work, I know that I am not defined in 1 day! You would be a great speaker for our events, will be in touch!
Managing Director
Microsoft Australia

We were indeed fortunate to have Steve Bradbury present to our extended team twice over two days at our Safety Training Day, and also to our local High School in-between our work sessions. Steve's relaxed and engaging style had everyone hanging off every word. While being extremely funny, Steve's message of focus, hard work, persistence under pressure and just making sure you ‘turn-up’ every day also hit home with everyone. Comments received were on how applicable Steve’s message was to Safety as well as applying to professional and general life. The school kids were obviously awestruck and 100% engaged over the course of their 45min presentation, and were also able to recite the same key messages as received by the workforce. I would have no hesitation in recommending Steve to anyone that wants a motivational speaker who appeals to a wide cross section of people and can relate over a range of topics. 
Geological Services Field Operations Manager
BHP Billiton

Steven was the keynote opening and closing speaker plus MC for the most recent Laser International conference in Hawaii. Wow did he deliver, personable, inspirational, funny and totally hit the mark with all the members and their partners. 
We are looking forward to working with him again in the future.  He was also the last man standing at the bars when socialising with the delegates. 
Awesome stuff Steven! 
Sales And Marketing Manager
Laser Plumbing and Electrical

Our team responded extremely well to Steve’s delivery style and his story fitted beautifully with the Winners & Losers theme for the night. His ability to tell his amazing story with humour, passion and humility really won over our delegates. It had a bit of everything – particularly enjoyed the audience participation and his commentary during the video presentation. I would certainly recommend Steve for anyone wanting to hold an event of a similar nature.
 Elders Limited

Would not fault Steven in anyway! He will get a lot of referrals from this event. Some attendees had heard him before and commented how he has changed and is still getting better and better. They liked that he did not just talk about the Olympics. His comedy routine at the start was unexpected, funny and fantastic.  
ASI Solutions

I worked with Steven Bradbury last week. He really impressed me. Funny, clean, entertaining & motivating!    
Phil Cass – comedy magician

From me Steven Bradbury will come highly recommended as a guest speaker as he was both inspirational and hilarious. What a great guy! I really enjoyed his talk and I also enjoyed getting to chat to him throughout the evening!  He went above and beyond!    
Electrical Group Training Ltd

Steven was fantastic! A very inspirational and funny speaker. In my opinion the best speaker I have ever seen. 
 Blacktown City Council

Your presentation was brilliant! You read the audience very well - and from talking to guests later in the evening, they thought it was a highlight of the night! Your Last Man Standing auction was a great fundraising success for the SA Olympic Council. Thanks again, you were very funny onstage!
INK, Brand Architects

Steve recently presented at a series of Finance And Systems Technologies (FAST) Professional Development Days to great acclaim.  He actually received a standing ovation in Sydney after his presentation (unheard in of Australia). FAST CEO Mr Steve Kane said ‘Steve’s presentation was very entertaining and his messages of passion, persistence and teamwork were spot on’. I could not recommend Steve highly enough and will definitely use his services among other clients in the future.  
Frontrunner Consulting Group

Steven is a dynamic and engaging speaker. His speech on team work and support networks was relevant and timely in our changing world and workplace.  He shares interesting information in a format that both educates and entertains. I would highly recommend him to any individual or organization looking to increase their knowledge of and skills in dealing with challenges in their personal and professional lives. Steven did an outstanding job on getting our attention and holding it for the entire speech. Everybody enjoyed it and I believe his message hit home with and will inspire some of our people to push out of their comfort zones and broaden their horizons and accomplishments…Thank you on all counts Steven ! I will recommend you to our other functional departments.
Amber Cooper Lion

On behalf of the Sunshine Coast Council, I would like to extend a thank you and congratulations to you for your services as MC at our Australia Day Awards 2011. There has been nothing but praise and thanks from all who attended, especially regarding your humour and relaxed style behind the microphone.
Senior Events Coordinator
Sunshine Coast Council

It is without reservation that I provide this endorsement for Steven Bradbury.
AMP used Steven as MC at our financial planning conferences held in the key capital cities around Australia. Steven, as the MC, made a major contribution to the success of all five events. His MC style appealed strongly to the audience and his ability to relate some of his life experiences to the messages on the day were first class. Steven was also keynote speaker at our National conference in 2008. Bringing him back as MC for our state conferences in 2011 was a big success and I would highly recommend him as both MC and motivational speaker. He has broad appeal for business and private functions or conferences.
AMP Financial Planning and Services

All of our delegates were very pleased to have had the opportunity to re-live with you, the marvellous victory that you achieved at the winter Olympics. Your speech, together with the video of the race, captivated our delegates and left them all with the clear message that if you worked hard and kept trying, then anything is possible.
Retravision Australia
Steven was really lovely and very nice to work with.  He was professional and very keen to get involved in all the activities during the day. The public loved him.
Corporation of the City of Adelaide
Steve was genuinely entertaining. As part of the debate and to brief he provided an extremely amusing yet relevant piece in his summation that left the audience both on the edge of their seats and in throes of laughter. He fully deserved the thunderous applause. He tolerated the never-ending adulation and requests for photos and autographs with good humour and a smile and was an excellent representative.

Very likeable, approachable, funny guy. Interesting history that few knew about.
Excellent. Steven was very well received by the audience and he was funny and informative and able to relate back to the brief.
SSA Global Technologies
Steve did a great job and regaled us with stories of accidents, Salt Lake and his feelings when he won the Gold Medal. He was candid, approachable and very down to earth.

Steve was an excellent presenter and was very well received by our delegates. We all relived the gold medal with him as well as learning the cost of getting to that race. It was really a matter of "never, ever give up. Steve was also very generous with his time, staying for morning tea with our delegates, and then returning for lunch so that everyone could have photographs and signed copies of his book. He is a lovely young man, and I wish him the best for the future.
The Mawson Group of Companies

Steven shared the MC platform with TV celebrity Melissa Downes to host Quest Newspapers annual YoungStar Awards, the event was attended by around 600 people including the Deputy Premier, Ministers for sport, arts and education and other leading dignitaries such as local mayors and business  leaders. Steven's performance as MC at our awards night can best be described as refreshing, humorous and definitely not your traditional stand up presenter. If you are looking for Different, Quirky and Memorable, Steven could well be your man!
Quest Community Newspapers

Steven was amazing - the best keynote speaker I have ever seen (and I have seen a few!) I read his book on the weekend and couldn't put it down. What an amazing story - I am so glad he told it.
AMP Capital Shopping Centres

Steve recently presented at a series of Finance And Systems Technologies (FAST) Professional Development Days to great acclaim. He actually received a standing ovation in Sydney after his presentation (unheard in of Australia).  FAST CEO Mr Steve Kane said ‘Steve’s presentation was very entertaining and his message of passion & persistence was spot on’. I could not recommend Steve highly enough and will definitely use his services among other clients in the future.
Frontrunner Consulting Group

Excellent. A fantastic insight into the character that is Steven Bradbury, and what it takes to be a successful professional athlete, in a sport that is not considered mainstream. A straight shooting speaker.
ANZ Bank

Steven's speech was fantastic and in a competitive business world where sometimes just staying on your feet can be a winning strategy - it was a an excellent motivator for all of my staff.
SSS Australia

We were more than happy with your performance which certainly exceeded our expectations. Feedback from 95 % of delegates rated your session in the "Excellent" and "Very Good" categories. A compelling presentation with a strong message.
Insurance Brokers Association of New Zealand

Audience response – overall rating = Excellent x 3.  Steve was a pleasure to speak with both professionally and personally.
Conference org. Crane Ind. Assoc.

I was lucky enough to be on the list of people invited to a super Westpac Breakfast today, and the bonus was hearing Steven speak. It struck me how badly his achievements where recorded by the press at the time, how all the effort to just be there was so badly overlooked. The logic of his success is something I have found very useful in the way I have developed my business, thinking about long term success through consistent effort, avoiding the limelight, but secretly hoping one day your efforts will be recognized. Maybe his medal was the most deserved, all the richer for all the time it took to happen.
David Shaw, audience member

I would like to thank Steve sincerely for the great presentation that he provided to our MasterClass 2007 conference. His story was both inspiring and motivating and certainly gave me and most of the others in the room a tremendous lift. Last Man Standing is a story of triumph against adversity and his story is without doubt one of the greatest Australian sporting moments of all time.
Future Financial

Thank you again for being the guest speaker at our luncheon. We have about 5 luncheons per year and many agreed that this one was the best ever.  Your numerous business (through your skate making company), life and sporting experiences were extremely relevant to the hard work required for success in any field. It was the most highly entertaining and your presentation was a breath of fresh air compared to most speakers and you are very easy to deal with. People are still talking about your story and it made Front page of our local paper The Observer on Saturday 12th May.

On behalf of the farmers, researchers and regional participants associated with the national Grain & Graze program, I write to thank you for the utterly brilliant presentation you gave last week. Wow! No-one left the dinner without having taken away a totally new perspective on how to give their all in any endeavour they pursue. You had the audience spell-bound not just by your own incredible story, but by the possibilities that they too may one day have an incredible story to tell. For days we talked about one key message or another that you presented and as a result, you not only made the dinner enjoyable and successful, but indeed made our whole event successful. You certainly touched all the right buttons, cleverly tailoring the messages by knowing your brief well.
As a speaker, your presentation style and skills are indeed unique, standing you apart from the myriad of after-dinner speakers I have engaged previously. Your professionalism shines through as much as your shear enjoyment of all that life throws your way. I do hope that you never lose your relish for speaking, your humbleness or that larrikin persona so many Australians instantly relate to. Perhaps I shouldn’t say this, but you do underprice your services compared to your speaker-circuit competition, particularly given the rapport you establish with your audience.
If ever I feel a group’s batteries getting low, I know exactly where to go to get the required recharge.  Thank you again for sharing your story and inspiration.
Grain & Graze

Steven was outstanding, so much so, you could hear a pin drop in the room. I would highly recommend him to any group. He was down to earth, natural, and yet extremely professional. He took the time talk to everyone afterwards, and stayed well into the night, allowing people the opportunity to talk to him and have their photos taken with him. He was definitely the highlight of our conference, a real inspiration.
Onesteel Ltd.

"Steven Bradbury was an exceptional speaker."
"HP has made an excellent choice with Steven as a speaker."
"I have been to several now and Steven is the best speaker I’ve seen."
"Initial reaction was why is Steven here - once he started talking it became clear. His life experiences were very motivating and just what this forum needed."
"Steven’s session was very inspiring and helped convey the spirit till the end of the day."
Comments from the audience from HP - (Hewlett – Packard)

Thank you so much for your excellent job as MC at our national training awards night. Not only did you mange to keep the entertainment flowing, you kept the night humming along at a good pace.  This is a rare combination at an awards night.
Group Training Australia

Excellent, Our delegates rated Steven's presentation at 11 out of 10. We've had some pretty good speakers over the years, but only one other has ever been rated as highly.
Careers Advisers Association of NSW Inc

Really wanted to say a big THANK YOU for all your assistance with our National Sales Meeting. The event has been deemed a success and you certainly contributed to that outcome. It was a pleasure working with you and I really appreciate the professional service you provided. It is a dream working with people who actually make life easier! I have sent a survey to the participants at our Awards Dinner and received a lot of positive feedback with regards to your presentation eg. Fantastic, brilliant, excellent – well worth it, awesome, great, excellent choice, great story. This is obviously a reflection of the effort you put into your presentation before the night and I appreciate your enthusiasm and passion to deliver an enjoyable and inspiring story. Thanks again for taking the time to be with us on Hamilton Island and I look forward to next time we can work together.
Smith & Nephew Surgical Pty Ltd

We were looking for a speaker who could engage a group of people who had encountered the most difficult period in the their working life. Steve Bradbury not only engaged the group, but was able to communicate a number of key messages that lifted the feel of the entire conference.  His messages were extremely strong and could be easily assimilated to the audiences personal situation.   The feedback from Steve's presentation  has been overwhelming, we would recommend Steve to any business who is looking to re-energize and engage.

The night went really well. Our customers thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and the opportunity to speak with you and have photos etc.  Thanks for your help in making the night a success.
Civica Pty Limited

Steve delivered a great presentation. Our sales team found him to be motivating and large numbers of them waited patiently to speak to him after his presentation and purchase his book. Steve delivered great results yet again.
Konica Minolta

Please accept my sincere thanks and congratulations for the superb job you did as MC of the Awards Night at Longreach a week ago. From my previous experience hearing you as guest speaker at our National Sales Conference last year, I knew that the MC role was in the most capable hands. The result at Longreach was a most enjoyable and memorable one for all present, due in no small way to your relaxed and humerous management of the night, together with your warm interaction with the crowd. As subsequently discussed, we would greatly appreciate your involvement as MC for our annual Fleet Golf Day dinner, as well as at other Dealer and Customer events where I have every belief that your expertise in that capacity will ensure a most successful occasion
Nissan Motor Co.

Steven was excellent and really added a extra something to the evening. His story was very enthralling and was told with a great mix of genuineness, humour and inspiration. I am sure everyone left a bit inspired and also with a huge amount of respect for Steven and his achievements. It was a story/presentation that offered something for everyone.
Australian Grain Industry Conference

Steve was excellent to work with and very easy going throughout our dealings with him. His relaxed style and manner were perfect for the event and people enjoyed having him around for the whole night and chatting to him during the evening. The chance to see / hold his medals & have photos taken with him etc was also greatly appreciated by many of the guests. His story was very inspirational and kept the audience captivated. He was entertaining, funny and thought provoking. Overall an excellent speaker, who was well received and a really good bloke.  Definitely added value to the event & was good to meet him.
Barclays Global

Steven’s presentation was undoubtedly the highlight of our conference. His story, along with his open and honest presentation style, left our audience raving about him well after he walked off stage.
Govt. Managers Association of NSW 

I've had fantastic feedback from your presentation - even from our toughest critics. You definitely have made a positive impact on many people.
Clarence Valley Schools

Your handing of the night was both professional and entertaining. The positive feedback I have received on your role and the evening as a whole is a testament to that.
Corporate and Public Affairs Manager

Steven kept everyone entertained and inspired, kept us on schedule and was an absolute pro on and off stage.
Founder and Chairman
Fortnum Financial Group

It was a pleasure to work with Steve. We have had some glowing feedback from our clients so I would like to thank him for the important role he played as a conference MC. I look forward to working with him again in the near future.
Limetree Events

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  • Alisa Camplin OAM
    Australia’s first female Winter Olympic Gold Medallist, Alisa Camplin, possesses that rare story telling ability that inspires, entertains and transfers knowledge. Tens of thousands of people have been motivated, laughed and cried, and walked away with a toolkit of skills to create their own success after listening to Australia’s premier female speaker. Learning to ski at just 19 years of age, Alisa broke nearly every bone in her body as she climbed through the ranks, brought home back-to-back Olympic medals and dominated the sport of Freestyle Aerial Skiing. At the same time, Alisa built a global career with corporate giant IBM, leading $200M+ businesses as a senior executive working across brand strategy, sales, business development and service delivery. Proving that success is a choice, Alisa then turned heart-wrenching personal adversity into an opportunity to improve the lives of others, raising more than $1M through her charity Finnan’s Gift.  Now leading from the boardroom, Alisa is fresh, honest and deliberate in her pursuits, combining business fundamentals with an authentic resilient attitude in order to succeed. Alisa was appointed Deputy Chair of the Australian Sports Commission in 2017. As real as they come, Alisa Camplin is nothing short of amazing!
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  • Lisa Tamati
    Lisa Tamati is an extreme ultra runner, who has been competing internationally for over 25 years. Without a doubt, she is one of New Zealand's toughest athletes, running in gruelling conditions. She is the author of two best-selling and internationally published books Running Hot and Running to Extremes. She is the producer or co-producer of eight documentaries showcasing her exploits and adventures and has hosted her own Health and Fitness TV show called The Fit Club. Lisa is also the owner/ director of five companies. As an entertainer and presenter, Lisa is second-to-none. She moves her audience to laughter and often tears, all while challenging them to push their own limits and find out just what they might be capable of.
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  • Dylan Alcott OAM
    Dylan Alcott OAM, is one of Australia's most successful and well recognised Paralympians. At the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games, Dylan became one of only a few athletes to win two gold medals in two different sports across two different Olympic or Paralympic Games.At the age of 17, Dylan became the youngest ever wheelchair basketball gold medallist at the 2008 Paralympic Games in Beijing, and after gold at the 2010 World Championships, and silver at the London 2012 games, decided to switch sports to wheelchair tennis. In addition to his incredible successes at the Rio Olympics, Dylan has also won eight grand slam singles titles to date, including the last five Australian Open titles.In 2017, Dylan launched the Dylan Alcott Foundation, a foundation created to help young Australians who are struggling to come to terms with their disabilities.   He also works extensively in the Australian media landscape, making regular appearances on Channel Ten’s The Project and Channel 7 Sports, and is a former Triple J Radio host.
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  • Mick Colliss
    Mick Colliss’s tale of mateship, creative thinking and sudoku will leave you breathless with laughter. Mick and his best mates travelled to India to take part in the International Sudoku Championships – even though they didn’t know how to play the game.
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