William Pike

William Pike

William Pike is an extraordinary man with an exceptional story - a story that will challenge, invigorate and inspire any audience. William’s intriguing tale of near death in a volcanic eruption, having his leg amputated and then using this massive challenge in his life as a springboard to create opportunities and pursue excellence, will not only entertain but enlighten. William’s latest, most dangerous and biggest challenge of conquering Mt Scott in Antarctica will keep everyone on the edge of their seats. He’s tenacious passion for life helped him to overcome serious challenges and tackle new opportunities. In recognition, William became the recipient of the 2017 Blake Leader Award.  If you are looking for your team to be motivated, inspired, successful, to have self belief, be prepared and confident to take risks and step outside their comfort zone – in fact to be the best they can, then William is the man to challenge and change the way they think. William is a dynamic and passionate presenter – who can cater his story and experiences so they are relevant, from business keynotes to school presentations to after dinner addresses.   

Key Points

  • Winner of the 2017 Blake Leader Award
  • Director of the William Pike Challenge Award, a popular youth development program in New Zealand and overseas with huge growth
  • Received a KiwiBank Local Hero Medal in 2014 to acknowledge his service to youth development through the WPCA
  • Author of a popular autobiography, Every Day's a Good Day, which has sold close to 10,000 copies and has been turned into Braille
  • Featured on television and in newspapers across the country, such as; TV1 Close Up, TV3 Campbell Live, NZ Herald, Dominion Post and more
  • Spoken to clients such as; Harcourts, Unitec Auckland, Department of Conservation, Gen-INZ, Siemens Australia, Westpac Bank, Air NZ and Australasian Nursing Educators Conference
  • Holds a Bachelor of Education with First Class Honours


William Pike is an inspirational kiwi who is on one hell of a journey - from losing his leg in a volcanic eruption, to starting a nationwide youth development programme, to recently mountaineering in Antarctica. 

It’s easy to see that William has an infectious enthusiasm for adventure, life and fun. His character and outlook on life are nicely summed up by the title of his popular autobiography, Every Day’s A Good Day. 

William is an accomplished inspirational speaker who doesn’t retell stories, he relives them. 10 years ago, William almost lost his life in a volcanic eruption on Mt. Ruapehu. Doctors noted William’s survival as a miracle. 

William’s obsession for the outdoors, education and seeing life’s challenges as opportunities to try again have helped him overcome adversity more than once. 

William’s stories are wrapped with relatable message that challenge audiences to be everyday explorers, to be obsessed in a good way and how taking it slow is the fast track to success. Be prepared to relive this gripping, tear jerking, and hilarious journey on the edge of your seat. 

As well as inspiring adults, William is the inspiration behind the William Pike Challenge Award, a youth development programme with a vision to grow resilient, confident and connected kiwi kids. Since 2013 the programme has made a positive impact on thousands of youth and close to 100 communities across the country. 

As a 2015 Young New Zealander of the year finalist and a national role model – William is a leader and an achiever who resonates passion and success without limits.

In 2017 William was awarded the Blake Leader Award, the premier leadership awards in New Zealand. The award is given to inspirational leaders who have shown determination, the will to succeed and a belief in achieving extraordinary things. “Passion drives me. It gets me out of bed on a cold morning, it gets me up a mountain, and passion picks me up when I fail. All anyone needs to be a leader is bucket-loads of passion,” William says.

Presentation Topics
  • Be an explorer
    Constantly strive to reach new places
  • Be obsessed
    Use that passion to create success
  • Be a daydreamer
    Purposeful and quality thinking wins the race
  • Goal setting
    Dream big
  • Embracing challenge and change
  • Self leadership
    Leadership starts here
  • Teamwork
    Get the basics right
  • Overcoming adversity through self belief
  • Surviving a volcanic eruption in New Zealand
  • Conquering Mt. Scott in Antarctica 
  • Establishing a nationwide youth development programme



William the feedback we received from staff was overwhelming (almost every response) mentioned William Pike as a highlight. The key word used over and over was ‘inspiring’. Other words used were amazing/motivational/thought provoking and ‘This would have been good for all ERO staff’. One staff commented, it brought tears to my eyes when he told us that he asked his friend James to tell his family that he loved them as he was being left behind with the real possibility that he would not survive. William you were very humble and honest about your experiences, and how difficult it was to start life over again. You also gave us a few “aha” moments that some felt in themselves had slipped away, and the only excuses for not following your dreams is the excuses you tell yourself. We loved hearing your determination and willingness not to give up on life, but to keep dreaming and this inspired and reminded us that life is so precious. All the best for the future William and keep inspiring, motivating and reaching out to everyone to be explorers,
to be obsessed and to daydream. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us and your books. We were truly very honoured and blessed to have you at our conference.
Business Partner, Systems, Process and Projects
Education Review Office, Te Tari Arotake Mātauranga

Having run events in Australia for over 5 years, I have literally seen hundreds of speakers, many the best of the best in their industry and when William Pike came and spoke for our audience, he was seriously phenomenal and up their with the best we have had. Our line-up, which included Mark Bouris (Chairman of Yellow Brick Road) and John Anderson (Founder of Contiki). I’m pleased to say that William did not disappoint, in fact many of our delegates said William was their highlight. He held the audience captive for his entire presentation and had the perfect mix of serious moments, big laughs and a strong message that everyone could relate too. His story is of course extraordinary but he delivered it in such a way that every attendee was on the edge of their seat and he received a standing ovation at the end which was well deserved. I would recommend William to any organisation that is looking for a dynamic speaker to wow their audience. We will definitely be having him back.
Emma Lyons
General Manager
Business Blueprint

After hearing William speak I was so impressed with his story and his vision that I purchased one of his books for each of my 80 staff members as a Christmas gift. This was received better than most previous gifts and I personally received a great deal of praise about it. Immediately following the Christmas break William did a follow up talk to my team. I was delighted with the size of the turnout which reinforced my decision with his book. William's presentation is clear and to the point and keeps those listening engaged throughout. His ability to link his story to my business and give my team some take home thoughts was great... I thoroughly recommend William as a speaker for any organisation keen to inject some attitude into their teams and get them thinking about their vision in life.
Graham Viall
Harcourts BCRE Ltd.

I wish to recommend William Pike as a gifted and compelling speaker. William provided an engaging after-dinner presentation at the Australasian Nurse Educators Conference held in Hamilton which was attended by 350 people. His life-story is captivating, his presentation is well prepared and provides excellent use of video footage. He has the ability to hold an audience due to the nature of his story and he adapts the message to fit the audience. His message is both challenging, encouraging and relevant to people from all walks of life.
Dave Treeby
Eventuate [Wgtn] Ltd

We invited William to close our two day Leadership Programme for Physical Education teachers wishing to re-energise or move up to head of department or lead teacher middle leadership positions. Through effective and appropriate humour, William soon made people very comfortable about spending time delving deeply into what should have been a life ending experience. William’s account of the Mt. Ruapehu eruption, his survival, recuperation and subsequent inspiration, is captivating. Importantly, fellow teachers could resonate with this primary school teacher who provided them with a graphic example of turning adversity into not only a personal strength but one that will impact positively on the lives of many people, young and old alike. You simply cannot keep a good man down. William will inspire you and your team with attitudes and strategies to live every day as a good day. Young New Zealanders will draw enormously from an example of magnificent resilience forged in cast iron positivity.
Gordon D Paterson
Executive Officer
Physical Education New Zealand





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